About the Serpent

Welcome to Snakeskin, and thanks for visiting my page! 

Unfortunately I'm not - as I know you're probably thinking - a touch-typing snake. If I was, I'd also be a millionaire. 

I am a self-confessed story glutton, a London-based writer in the process of developing a career scribbling for the page and screen. 

According to Facebook I have 207 likes, which is a fairly liberal representation of my palette of interests - you should probably multiple that number by Pi, or something. 

I'm a lifelong member of the Haus of Whedon, a proud genre fiction geek always keen to develop new interests. But more than anything I'm a human being in a constant state of metamorphosis; as the name suggests, this blog will document the various skins I'll shed (or that will be forcibly flayed from my body) as I move towards becoming whoever it is I'm meant to be. 

In the process, I'll be blogging on everything in my world - my triumphs and many, many humiliations - as well as documenting the television shows, movies, novels, plays, short stories and music that I'm constantly discovering. 

Thanks for joining me for the ride! :)

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