Sunday, 6 January 2013

'Utopia' (or why graphic novels are the Best Thing Ever)

 You've seen the posters. You've watched the trailers. You've set the reminders on your iPhone. Perhaps, like me, you've even been dreaming about it. 

Either way, on Tuesday 15 January the new conspiracy thriller from Kudos and Channel 4 hits UK screens, as new series Utopia prepares to introduce us to a world where shady criminal organisations and geeky comic book fans clash. 

At the centre of C4's new supernatural show is a graphic novel called 'The Utopia Experiments', and a mysterious company called The Network who will do anything to get hold of it. Rumour has it that the book depicts world events before they happen. Imagine that Nostradamus and Mark Millar got together and started scribbling - 'The Utopia Experiments' would be the result. 

If you haven't yet caught the trailers, check them out here - then forward the link on to every person you have ever met.

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