Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'll take the Katana - The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1

Zombies. Prisons. Decapitations. Heartbreak. Casualties. Swordsmanship... and Glen. 

AMC's highest rated drama is back with a bold and brilliant season opener.

I think this was probably the best Walking Dead season opener of the series so far. And I'm not the only one giving it the highest of praises. Others agree with me

The survivors of the zombie apocalypse have returned with a new precinct, a few new characters, and a strong dramatic introduction to the problems they will be facing in series three. 

And it was awesome! 

Seriously. Don't. Mess. With. Maggie.
From a tense opening scene that is incredibly dialogue-light to the introduction of Michonne with that Katana, it was a nicely constructed episode that reminded me why the series is one of the best on television (as well as one of the most under-appreciated). 

Like the series' strongest episodes, it manages to strike that delicate balance between cranium-smashing mayhem (don't mess with Maggie!) and tender character moments. I have to say that I like Lori a hell of a lot more on the show than I ever have in the comics - actress Sarah Wayne Callies brings a certain depth to the character that makes her far more sympathetic than she ever appeared to me before.

So our characters have reached the prison, and there's a brief respite from the horrors they have experienced in the past few months.

That, of course, could not last.

Cue an intense final act where I wasn't so much on the edge of my seat but rather throwing it at the screen. Why didn't they give them a 2-hour season opener? I'm going to write AMC an angry letter...

Seriously, it was pretty good stuff. I will definitely be back for episode 2. I can't fight the feeling that despite the blood, guts and gore (of which there was plenty) the cheeriest episode of the season is now behind us...

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