Sunday, 28 October 2012

The End for Carrie? - Homeland Season 2 Episode 3 REVIEW

Has Carrie reached the end of her rope? Is Brody buckling under the strain of his lies? Find out after the jump! 

The key to the success of this week's episode lies in the very first scene. Equipped with the knowledge of Brody's actions (in the form of Brody's video confession stored on a memory card in his case), we watch Saul as he makes his way back to the US... and then he seemingly has that memory card stolen from him as he makes his way through customs. 

The reason I am constantly raving about Homeland is because the show consistently makes me shout and rage at my TV screen. As it turns out, Saul took far better care of the memory card than we first thought (he kept a decoy version in his case and had the real evidence on his person the whole time), and once again Homeland proved that it is far more adept at leading us down blind alleys than we first imagined. 

Although some have voiced concerns for the series' second season, I'm impressed that the truth about Brody is coming out so early on in this run - I really have no clue where we'll be by episode 10 or 11.

If the past two weeks have seen her suffering through extreme emotional turmoil, this week's episode sees Carrie reach her personal nadir. She's lost her career, the man she loves (because she did love Brody), her reason to live. It was inevitable that she would spiral towards self-destruction - but little did she know that the truth was moving towards her the whole time. 

Luckily, Saul was able to make it to her before she attempted suicide a second time. But now that they are armed with the truth, what will they do with it? And what does Abu Nazir have planned next for Brody?

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