Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Monster in the Maze - Hunted Series 1 Episode 3

Sam Hunter, a 21st century Bournette if ever there was one, continues to delve into the mysteries surrounding the attack on her life in the best episode of the series to date. 

 I admit that I thought about Sam Hunter quite a lot this week. As I went through the various trials and tribulations of my average week (okay, no one tried to kill me, but it still sucked at various points) I found myself wondering what Spotnitz and co. were planning for me this week.

I was happy to find that this week's episode was perhaps the most varied and exciting so far. Now that Hunted has provided us with a thorough introduction to its premise, we're starting to develop a deeper understanding of the characters. 

It starts with the kind of tense, scary opening that you would expect from one of the writers of The X-Files and doesn't really let up from there. Melissa George still gets to have her cake and eat, taking out enemies as though faces and torsos were designed to be kicked, while still managing to secure a few tender, intimate moments with the son of the man she has been sent in to spy on. 

In a noticeably Goebels-free episode, it's surprising how menacing this feels at times. In this episode it really sinks in that there is a powerful organisation out there that really wants her dead - and they're able to draw on enormous resources to do so. 

As far as spies go, that definitely places her in the 'Underdog' category. 

What did you think of this week's 'Hunted'? And who or what is Hourglass?

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