Saturday, 13 October 2012

One Day to Go! - Walking Dead Season 3 Launch

That's right, folks. It's time to clear your social calendars - as of this Sunday 14 October you're gonna have to politely cancel on your loved ones because for the foreseeable future, you'll be spending all your time with the undead.

Everyone's favourite zombie drama is back, with an extended 16-episode run, a tonne of new characters and a much darker Rick Grimes than we've seen on screen to date.

I for one have been salivating like a walker ever since that finale, but now we're about to be reunited with Rick, Carl, Andrea, Glen and the others as they struggle to survive in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world.

I loved season two, particularly the latter half of the season, but I'm going to make a prediction that saison trois is going to absolutely kick its ass. I'm an avid reader of the comics (I'm still grieving from the events that went down in recent Issue no. 100, there are no words!) and the prison arc was certainly the period when the comic really stood up and developed its creative voice. It's a shame that Frank Darabont is no longer on board (we all know how well he creates dramas in prison), but producer Gale Anne Hurd has been saying all the right things about the direction the season (and the series as a whole) is heading in.

Hell hath no fury like a Michonne scorned.        
Not to mention the fact that my favourite character, the simply kick-ass Michonne, has been added to the fold, and you can consider me in cadaver heaven. 'The Walking Dead' comics have had no shortage of strong women (Lori, Maggie and Andrea all endure horrific hardships and remain strong, independent characters) but for me it's Michonne who wins the pageant for Bad-Ass Zombie Killstress. It's the sword, I think. Tarantino's The Bride has nothing on that chick.

But perhaps the most important thing about season three is that it will probably be the biggest indication of how closely the show follows the original comic, or whether it chooses to deviate significantly from its parent series. Series two depicted three significant character divergences from the comic book canon (those that have read them will know what I'm talking about, and those that haven't - go read them now, they're amazing!). As a lifelong member of the Haus of Kirkman, I'm already thinking about the events that go down in the prison's comic book scenes, and wondering how many of these will be brought to small screen realisation.

I have a theory relating to a certain severed hand that has been bubbling away since season one - the coming weeks will tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Are you as stoked about 'The Walking Dead' season three as I am? Do you have a favourite character? 

Check out actress Danai Gurira preparing for the role of Michonne here.

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