Thursday, 8 November 2012

Misfits Series 4 Episode 2 REVIEW

A woman chained to a bed. A telepathic, racist dog. Rudy finding an inventive use for cling film. Just your average week on community service. 

This week's Misfits was all about the workings (and apparent failings) of Finn's psyche - introduced last week as a loveable dork (albeit one in the middle of a rather unusual living situation), we learn in episode 2 that he's not the psychopath I was expecting him to be. 

Most of the episode is consumed with the relationship between Finn and this 'woman on the bed', as this week's power is all about the limits and shortcomings of mind control. As it turns out, the restrained blonde is Finn's girlfriend Sadie, who he has shackled to the bed and gagged to prevent her controlling him and making him into the man she wants him to be. 

For me, this was an episode that was more recognisably Misfits. If last week's episode was the most unconventional season opener that the series has given us so far, this storyline allowed us to get to know Finn and get a hold on his character. Interestingly, he comes across to me as the lovechild of Nathan and Simon (something I never thought I would say) and manages to be sympathetic throughout. Ultimately, the episode's message seems to be that although Finn is without doubt a loser, he's a loveable loser; he's a waste of space, but he should be free to waste said space at his own leisure. 

Partners in crime - (left to right) Finn, Rudy and Jess in 'Misfits'
The pheromones between him and Jess are also being exchanged quite nicely - I was excited to see Karla Crome cast on the show after her brilliant performance on Sky Atlantic's Hit & Miss - and of all the character's she's the one that demonstrated the most heart this week. Although subtly conveyed, Jess's message that Finn should be with the one who loves him for who he is and not for who they want him to be is the real conclusion to that story, one that is much more apparent upon a second viewing. 

The fact that Finn's relationship with Sadie is brought to an end through Jess's intervention is a clear sign that this is a lesson that Finn has yet to learn, and I'm guessing we see a marked growth in his identity as this series progresses. 

Much of the dynamite of this episode comes through the B-Story, with the Rudy v. Curtis storyline injecting a dose of that sick, trademark Misfits humour. I don't think the makers of cling film imagined it being used for Rory's innovative purposes when it was first invented.

Overall I think this is one of the show's episodes that really benefits from a second viewing. Although not immediately apparent, this week's episode sets up a number of narrative points that will no doubt be explored and paid off over the coming weeks. 

What were your thoughts on this week's 'Misfits'? Did you enjoy Rudy's cling film tutorial? Where do you think this series is going? Share your thoughts below! 


  1. I couldn't decide who Finn reminded me more of, Nathan or Simon. Totally agree, if they had a love child, this is what he would be like.

  2. It was funny to watch him kind of veer between the two! He has all of (pre-Superhoodie) Simon's geekiness and social ineptitude. But then he picks up his girlfriend's discarded top, wipes himself down and Hey Presto! Nathan Young reincarnated.