Sunday, 25 November 2012

Misfits Series 4 Episode 5 REVIEW

Finn searches for answers about his birth father, and ends up with more than he expected...

Warning: Superpowered SPOILERS ahead! 

Following last week's tour-de-force, this week's episode is as much about the new incarnation of Misfits going back to its roots as it is about Finn discovering who he really is. Many have commented on the capacity for superhero stories to explore aspects of identity formation and the process of discovering individual uniqueness in a world that encourages conformity. But as Finn discovers, it's rarely possible to reach a degree of self-awareness without some degree of pain or disappointment involved. 

Finn stumbles upon his father only to learn that he is suffering with terminal cancer. He also has a half-sister, the pretty, long-suffering Grace, who it turns out has a power of her own, acting from time to time as a supernatural defibrillator, resuscitating her father whenever he draws close to death. It's clear that Grace will have to learn to let go of her father.

Finn loses a dad but gains a superhero sis in this week's Misfits.
It was nice to see that Finn's social ineptitude does not apply exclusively to the women he is attracted to - his initial attempts to take his sister out for a drink make the Simon of series one look like a professional orator. However, the two clearly have a great deal in common; it isn't long before Grace has her tongue rammed down the throat of some random, and the two bond quite nicely while drawing pictures on the face of an unconscious Rudy (whose nocturnal libido is a force to be reckoned with, as we see him dry-humping a furry pillow).

The impending time bomb of the episode is Finn's father's impending death. Misfits has become increasingly dark over the years, and this episode demonstrates some of the bleakness that has become part of the series' signature of late. As Grace learns in the final act, sometimes the powers they have been gifted with cannot be used to solve their problems. She is forced to let her father go and nearly kills Finn in the process, but is able to achieve a degree of closure as she finally releases her dad from ongoing suffering. 

It will be intriguing to see how Grace is able to apply her power in her father's absence. Is her ability limited to helping those who are dying? I suspect it will come in useful at some point before the end of series four, and it will help to have someone with a resuscitating power who doesn't then turn people into blood-thirsty zombies (and yes I mean you, Curtis). 

The other central story of the episode revolves around Alex "from the bar", who has now officially become a member of the central cast. Jess spends most of the episode trying to identify whether Alex is gay or not, but the end of the episode hints that he's keeping far more sinister secrets. 

Where the episode really sings is in the small, subtle moments of comedy: Finn's Britney Spears ringtone almost giving away their position in the parking lot; Jess consoling Finn moments before Rudy assaults him with a marker pen; Finn dunking for his iPhone in a bowl full of Jess's piss. For the discerning viewer, Misfits has always offered those little gems and it's nice to see them weaved throughout this week's episode. 

While it didn't quite reach the glorious heights of last week's episode, this was still a solid hour for Misfits - I'm liking Finn more and more as the weeks go on. 

Following this week's power-lite episode, next week we look to be back firmly in slasher territory. 

What did you think of this week's 'Misfits'? What is Alex's great secret? Will Jess ever see just how much Finn cares for her? Leave your thoughts below!


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  2. Love Finn and i'm happy to finally find someone else that does as well...or at least doesn't think he's terrible

    1. I do love Finn! I know it's a bit early days, but I'm definitely Pro-Finn and Jess rather than Alex and Jess.

      And not just because Alex seems to be obsessed with seeing mens' private parts in public car parks.