Sunday, 18 November 2012

Misfits Series 4 Episode 4 REVIEW

Zombies + femme fatale + bum slugs = rather unconventional Misfits. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

We've reached the halfway point for this series of Misfits, and if this episode is anything to go by, it's proof that the series can still throw some pretty massive surprises our way. It begins as an episode that threatens to be extremely predictable, but throws up so many twists and turns that by the time you get to the closing moments, you'd be forgiven for wondering how we reached this destination in under 60 minutes. It's the boldest episode of the season so far, and marks a turning point in the series as we bid farewell to the final original misfit.

It begins with the revelation that the beautiful and enigmatic Lola is a femme fatale as ruthless and manipulative as the Barbara Stanwycks and Mary Astors of old. Cranking out that Lana Del Rey from a jukebox and spouting cigarette smoke like a volcano preparing to erupt, Lola is coldblooded, heartless and using Curtis as a tool for her own means - or so we think. 

The main plot follows Curtis as he tries to protect Lola from her seemingly evil ex-boyfriend. After said ex is accidentally killed in a scuffle with Curtis, he discovers the truth about Lola's deceitful behaviour and spends the rest of the episode trying to find her. It's great that Curtis finally gets to use his power this season - his ability to reanimate the dead sounds appealing, but there is a slight problem (those he brings back to life inevitably turn into zombies). Following a hilarious exchange in which our gang finally dispatch said zombie ex, the beginning of the end is revealed to us: Curtis was scratched during the attack, and is now succumbing to the zombie infection. 

Curtis Donovan signs off from community service, once and for all.
The episode really takes off from here, offering several hilarious moments as Curtis struggles with his increasing aggression (as well as his appetite for entrails galore). The homoerotic encounter with the new probation worker could be one of the series four highlights so far, hinting at a relationship that will never be (although to be honest, I'm quite grateful for that). 

Actually the real success of the episode lies in the fact that the inevitability of Curtis's death doesn't hit home until those final few minutes. I had kind of been hoping that something would happen, some deus ex machina or miracle of some kind, that would magically return Curtis to normal or at least allow him to integrate his zombie nature into his personality. Not so. Instead Curtis's suicide (he blows his brains out right after shooting Lola dead) is surprisingly understated, and all the more powerful because of it. 

Our final shot in the episode sees the final member of the original line-up lying in the rubble, a world away from the hormone-fuelled sessions with Alisha in series one. Curtis has always been the most under-appreciated misfit (in terms of critical and fan reception) but he's given a surprisingly emotional send-off here.

With the original cast laid to rest, we can only hope that the new line-up will be given the chance to break free from the shackles of the storm and steer the Misfits-verse in new and interesting directions. 

What did you think of this week's episode? How did you feel about Curtis's dramatic departure? Leave your thoughts and comments below! 


  1. Quite a few people seem to be moaning about the departure of the original cast and I don't get it. While I'm definitely missing Simon, his storyline started to drag in series 3, but the other characters went at the right time. Apart from Nathan. I'll always be sore about Nathan's dissapearance, but I'd say Rudy was doing a pretty good job of filling his shoes. The new cast are excellet- they deserve some credit.

    1. I completely agree - in a TV landscape where TV characters sometimes outstay their welcome, 'Misfits' has shown itself to be able to adapt and change, constantly challenging viewer expectations.

      I love the new cast - can't wait for Alex to get properly introduced in the next episode, it's about time we learn his story!

  2. Nice review. I've always been a Curtis supporter. He was never my favorite character, but that didn't keep me from loving him and seeing all the things he brought to the show. He was always one of the most noble members of the crew, and I think he got a fitting send off. If Howard never gives us a manufactured happy ending, I'm going to think of Curtis spinning around for eternity with Simon, Alisha, and Nikki.

    1. It was sad to see the final member of the original lineup bow out, especially in such a dramatic and unexpected manner. It's a little sad to see that the old 'Misfits' is finally done and dusted!

      Now I think it's time to look forward to the new direction the show is moving in.