Sunday, 11 November 2012

Misfits Series 4 Episode 3 REVIEW

Dark Rudy makes an appearance. Curtis draws closer to the trainee probation worker. Jess spills her darkest secrets. And Finn has a rather unconventional family reunion. 

The plot thickens in this week's Misfits

And so we're introduced to the delights and terrors of what can only be described as Dark Rudy. Since the character's introduction at the start of series three, fans have speculated about the aspects of his personality that have been kept hidden from us, and in this episode we're finally introduced to the dark Iago that forms part of the otherwise loveable jester of the group. 

I can't stress enough how impressive Joe Gilgun is in the episode. Over a series and a half playing the character he's managed to perfect his depiction of the two central sides to Rudy, and the introduction of a third layer to the character only helps to demonstrate the range of his performance abilities. It's also demonstrative of Misfits' ability to deepen our perspective of central characters without having to rely on outside guest stars or special effects - similar to Iwan Rheon's evolved Simon back in series two, Dark Rudy is unfamiliar, yet rooted in the character we know, making it all the more unnerving. 

This week's episode strikes a nice balance between all four central characters (although I would liked to have seen them more involved with one another throughout). Dark Rudy's strand became entwined with Jess's story, a character who it is now clear is more troubled than we could have imagined when we first met her. Dark Rudy's fixation with her is never really explained, though the final act does a good job of exploring the sense of threat that he poses. 

The only thing is that I would like to have seen more of Dark Rudy, and his death perhaps cuts short what I assumed at first glance would be an arc worth developing over a couple of episodes. 

Finn's storyline appeared to meander at first glance this week, as his trip home to pick up a TV remote turned into his stepmum giving him something rather more unexpected. It was full of all the filthy Misfits humour we love, but it was inevitable that there would be harsh consequences. Unfortunately for Finn, it culminates in the revelation that the man he has always assumed is his father isn't. Now he truly is on his own. 

In other news, Curtis ends up in bed with the trainee probation worker, but we still don't know what his power is! Perhaps he has no power, or maybe it's something awesome? My bet is that he'll end up like Jack Jack in The Incredibles, some kind of demigod who can do pretty much any damn thing he wants. Time will tell. 

Overall it felt like an improvement on last week's episode. I feel more at home with the new gang, now that I have greater sympathy for the characters and what they have gone through. 

Next week looks to be the first Curtis-heavy episode of this season - and just what is the situation with this trainee probation worker? Only 7 days until we get the answers! 

What did you think of this week's 'Misfits'? Do you think Dark Rudy should have stuck around for a bit longer? Leave your thoughts below!


  1. I think dark Rudy was kind of sexy and intense if you overlook his violent and murderous tendencies.

    1. Consider them overlooked! But seriously though, what is it about Joe Gilgun as a psychopath in an orange jumpsuit that is so damn attractive!?